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IHSA State Series 2008
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Competitor results
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State Series 2008

Note: Only advancing competitors from each level are shown on this table.

Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)Diana Kontsevaia and Jennifer Vihon2  
Dramatic InterpretationWendi Gu1  
Extemporaneous SpeakingDavid Walchak2  
Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)Sarah Mallory and Frank Austin1  
Humorous InterpretationSarah Mallory4  
Impromptu SpeakingDaryl McSweeney2  
Oratorical DeclamationWendi Gu1  
Original ComedyMichael Gaschler2  
Original OratoryJacqueline Sutherland1  
Prose ReadingFrank Austin1  
Radio SpeakingMichael Gaschler2  
Special Occasion SpeakingWilliam McGauran3  
Verse ReadingHana Bajramovic1  

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Team sweepstakes results
1IHSA Regional - Des Plaines (Maine West)

Competitor results

40th Annual Maine Invitational - Final results
Hana Bajramovic4Verse Reading
Will McGauran6Special Occasion Speaking
Downers Grove South Novice Tournament - Final results
Joe Eichenbaum5Impromptu Speaking
IHSA Journalism State Final - Final results
Katya Mack2Editorial Writing
Gordon Voit4Headline Writing
Kelly Campbell4Yearbook Copy Writing
Woody Hines5News Writing
IHSA Regional - Des Plaines (Maine West) - Final results
Frank Austin1Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)
Frank Austin1Prose Reading
Hana Bajramovic1Verse Reading
Jacqueline Sutherland1Original Oratory
Sarah Mallory1Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)
Wendi Gu1Dramatic Interpretation
Wendi Gu1Oratorical Declamation
Daryl McSweeney2Impromptu Speaking
David Walchak2Extemporaneous Speaking
Diana Kontsevaia2Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)
Jennifer Vihon2Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)
Michael Gaschler2Original Comedy
Michael Gaschler2Radio Speaking
William McGauran3Special Occasion Speaking
Sarah Mallory4Humorous Interpretation
Thornton Turkey Tourney - Final results
Wendi GuFOratorical Declamation
Warren Varsity Tournament - Next-in final results
Hana Bajramovic1Verse Reading
Wendi Gu5Oratorical Declamation
Jacqueline Sutherland6Original Oratory
WeGo North Invitational - Final results
Will McGauren3Special Occasion Speaking
Hana Bajramovic6Original Oratory
Eliana SagarinFVerse Reading
WeGo North Invitational - Novice final results
David Walchak5Impromptu Speaking
Wheaton North Technicolor Tournament - Final results
Michael Gashler5Radio Speaking

Group/duet results

Warren Varsity Tournament - Next-in final results
Frank Austin & Sarah Mallory5Humorous Duet Acting

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