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IHSA State Series 2008
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Team sweepstakes results
Competitor results
Group/duet results

State Series 2008

Note: Only advancing competitors from each level are shown on this table.

Dramatic InterpretationLaura Williams23 
Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)Dylan Mori and Tyler Syverson4  
Humorous InterpretationSamantha Owen21 
Impromptu SpeakingRyan Rainey2  
Oratorical DeclamationShar Donohoe3  
Original ComedyMandy Vanderwaal3  
Original OratoryRebecca Widder3  
Performance in the RoundRockton (Hononegah)23 
Prose ReadingShar Donohoe4  
Radio SpeakingAnna Hartz2  
Special Occasion SpeakingDylan Mori3  
Verse ReadingRebecca Widder4  

All results

Team sweepstakes results
3IHSA Regional - Freeport (H.S.)
5IHSA Sectional - London Mills (Spoon River Valley)

Competitor results

Geneseo Tournament - Final results
Mandy Vanderwaal1Original Comedy
Ryan Rainey1Extemporaneous Speaking
Ryan Rainey1Impromptu Speaking
Rebecca Widder4Verse Reading
Geneseo Tournament - Novice final results
Alex LeFebvre1Impromptu Speaking
Laura Williams1Dramatic Interpretation
Maddie Neece1Special Occasion Speaking
Anna Hartz2Radio Speaking
Zach Herr2Extemporaneous Speaking
Brandon Lawson3Original Oratory
Ivy Hood5Prose Reading
Rebecca Pierce6Humorous Interpretation
Huntley Tournament - Final results
John Droy1Novice Original Comedy
Laura Williams1Novice Dramatic Interpretation
Madison Neece1Novice Special Occasion Speaking
Anna Hartz2Novice Radio Speaking
Rebecca Pierce2Novice Humorous Interpretation
Zach Herr2Novice Extemporaneous Speaking
Alex LeFebvre3Novice Radio Speaking
Rachel Shott3Novice Original Comedy
Zach Herr3Novice Impromptu Speaking
Alex LeFebvre5Novice Impromptu Speaking
Julia Marvin5Novice Radio Speaking
Michael Rongere5Novice Dramatic Interpretation
Ivy Hood6Novice Prose Reading
Taylor Larson6Novice Verse Reading
IHSA Regional - Freeport (H.S.) - Final results
Anna Hartz2Radio Speaking
Laura Williams2Dramatic Interpretation
Rockton (Hononegah)2Performance in the Round
Ryan Rainey2Impromptu Speaking
Samantha Owen2Humorous Interpretation
Dylan Mori3Special Occasion Speaking
Mandy Vanderwaal3Original Comedy
Rebecca Widder3Original Oratory
Shar Donohoe3Oratorical Declamation
Dylan Mori4Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)
Rebecca Widder4Verse Reading
Shar Donohoe4Prose Reading
Tyler Syverson4Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)
IHSA Sectional - London Mills (Spoon River Valley) - Final results
Samantha Owen1Humorous Interpretation
Laura Williams3Dramatic Interpretation
Rockton (Hononegah)3Performance in the Round
Oswego East Olympiad - Final results
Ryan Rainey1Impromptu Speaking
Rebecca Widder2Original Oratory
Ryan Rainey3Extemporaneous Speaking
Randy Schroyer5Radio Speaking
Rebecca Widder5Verse Reading
Rochelle Novice Invitational - Final results
Rebecca Pierce1Humorous Interpretation
Madison Neece2Special Occasion Speaking
Ivy Hood3Prose Reading
Anna Hartz4Radio Speaking
Leah Givhan4Prose Reading
Rochelle Varsity Invitational - Final results
Ryan Rainey1Impromptu Speaking
Maddie Neece2Special Occasion Speaking
Rebecca Widder2Original Oratory
Rebecca Widder3Verse Reading
Sam Owen4Humorous Interpretation
Alex LeFebvre6Impromptu Speaking
Dyaln Mori6Special Occasion Speaking
Warren Varsity Tournament - Final results
Rebecca Widder2Verse Reading
Laura Williams3Dramatic Interpretation
Anna HartzFRadio Speaking
Warren Varsity Tournament - Next-in final results
Rebecca Widder1Original Oratory
Ryan Rainey1Impromptu Speaking
Dyaln Mori3Special Occasion Speaking
Sam Owen5Humorous Interpretation

Group/duet results

Geneseo Tournament - Novice final results
Taylor Larson/Ivy Hood6Humorous Duet Acting

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