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IHSA State Series 2008
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IHSA Regional - Des Plaines (Maine West)
Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)
Final round

Please note that this is only a speaking order, and these are not the final round results.

1Erin DeGrand (Jr.) and Anna Rose Floeter (Sr.)Evanston
In a Dark Dark House
2Emily Smith (Sr.) and Steve Selwa (Jr.)Oak Park-River Forest
Twilight of the Golds
3Michael Hansen (Sr.) and Katie Brosnan (Jr.)Maine South
Torch Song Trilogy: Widows and Children First !
4Jennifer Vihon (Jr.) and Diana Kontsevaia (Jr.)New Trier
Third and Oak: The Laundromat
5Jon Chandler (Sr.) and Elyssa Salinas (Sr.)Maine West
Fat Pig
6Vicky Hurst (Sr.) and Orhai Nooru (Sr.)Maine East
Five Women Wearing The Same Dress
7Christine Theobold (Sr.) and Frank Phetmevangmay (Sr.)Streamwood
Picture This

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