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IHSA State Series 2008
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IHSA Regional - Pekin full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Amy Miller (Sr.) and Lauren Parmenter (Jr.)Olympia
The Laundromat
2Brian McKinley (Sr.) and Qurshay McCall (Sr.)Woodruff
The Rabbit Hole
3Kelsey Whitcomb (So.) and Merideth Hagerty (So.)Bloomington H.S.
4Alisha Williams (Jr.) and Jordan Brown (Jr.)Manual
Song Of Lillian

Dramatic Interpretation

1Rebi Roos (Sr.)Richwoods
2Marisa Drat (Sr.)Bloomington H.S.
Why I Wore Lipstick: To My Mastectomy
3Mark Koester (Jr.)Olympia
I Never Sang For My Father
4Mollie Sheehan (Sr.)Pekin
The Heidi Chronicles

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Donny Schorr (So.)Pekin
2Andrew Rhoads (Jr.)Richwoods
3Kaitlynn Kelly (Sr.)Bloomington H.S.
4Rachel Park (Jr.)Olympia

Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Noah Thomas (Sr.) and Zach Williams (Sr.)Olympia
Private Wars
2Lance Allen (Jr.) and Matt Canty (Jr.)Richwoods
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
3Mollie Sheehan (Sr.) and Tony Esposito (Sr.)Pekin
Little Footsteps
4Joey Knotts (Jr.) and Lance Gaines (Jr.)Bloomington H.S.
In the Tank

Humorous Interpretation

1Matt Canty (Jr.)Richwoods
Bunnicula: A Rabbit-Tale of Mystery
2Chelsea Sachel (Fr.)Woodruff
Disney Heroine Round Table or But I Digress
3Kirsten Leeds (Jr.)Bloomington H.S.
The LEgend of the Worst Boy in the World
4Kelsey Larson (Fr.)Normal University
Junie B. Jones and her Big Fat Mouth

Impromptu Speaking

1Andrew Rhoads (Jr.)Richwoods
2John Cooper (Sr.)Normal University
3Julian Glover (Jr.)Bloomington H.S.
4Kelsey Vaughn (Jr.)Lewistown

Oratorical Declamation

1Kaitlynn Kelly (Sr.)Bloomington H.S.
Kenyon Commencement Speech
2Sarah Capodice (Sr.)Normal University
How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later
3Katelyn Fanning (Jr.)Woodruff
Conan O'Brian's Speech to Stuyvesant High School Class of 2006
4Molly Blanchard (Fr.)Pekin
It's Inconvenient Being Green

Original Comedy

1John Cooper (Sr.)Normal University
2Woody Jones (So.)Tremont
Dhraven & the Homecoming Date 5000
3Tony Esposito (Sr.)Pekin
Man Quest to Manhood
4Kirsten Leeds (Sr.)Bloomington H.S.
Miss Ugliopolis
4Zach Williams (Sr.)Olympia
Apocalypse Soon

Original Oratory

1Kara Johnson (Sr.)Pekin
The Itch You Can't Scratch
2Sarah Capodice (Sr.)Normal University
Need the Info
3Sumeet Shah (So.)Richwoods
Were Special
4Rachel Park (Jr.)Olympia
Overmedication: When Medicine Hurts

Performance in the Round

Rememberin' Stuff by Eleanor Harder
2Stanford (Olympia)Olympia
3Normal (University)Normal University
The Glass Mendacity
4Peoria (Richwoods)Richwoods
Thurbers Carnival

Prose Reading

1Jessi Nguyen (Sr.)Normal University
How to Stay Bitter Through The Happiest Times of Your Life
2Kara Johnson (Sr.)Pekin
My Ten Most BeautifulThings" from Fat Girls in Lawn Chairs
3Rebi Roos (Sr.)Richwoods
Glory Goes andGets Some
4Kelsey Whitcomb (So.)Bloomington H.S.
Forgiveness (from The Terrible Girls)

Radio Speaking

1Hamsika Santanam (Sr.)Bloomington H.S.
2Evan Schroder (So.)Richwoods
3Chelsey B. Coombs (So.)Normal University
4Crystal Loyd (Sr.)Limestone

Special Occasion Speaking

1Joey White (Jr.)Pekin
Rooted in Controversy
2Marisa Drat (Sr.)Bloomington H.S.
Don't Get it Twisted: That's What She Said!
3Sumeet Shah (So.)Richwoods
Faux Phobias
4Chelsey B. Coombs (So.)Normal University
Recipe for Disaster

Verse Reading

1Madhuri Nishtala (Sr.)Bloomington H.S.
I Don't Want To Be Crazy
2Rian Wilson (Jr.)Olympia
Manly Medley by Bradley Hathaway
3Kasey Le (Jr.)Normal University
Vietnam: The Nurses by J. David Abbott
4Ben Davis (So.)Richwoods
Dating Troubles

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