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IHSA State Series 2008
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IHSA Regional - Metamora full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Fletcher Bohne (Sr.) and Nathan Stark (Sr.)Normal Community West
A Midnight Clear
2Emma Ladji (So.) and Tiera Claudin (Jr.)Peoria H.S.
Going to St. Ives
3Bryant Kempf (Sr.) and Rachel Fogle (Sr.)Eureka
Too Late for Sorry
4Andrea Patten (Jr.) and Drew Thomas (So.)East Peoria
Death and the Maiden

Dramatic Interpretation

1Mikaela Sullivan (Sr.)Normal Community West
Thirteen Things About Ed Carpolotti
2Lyssa Barth (So.)Peoria Christian
A Bird of Prey
3Kelli McCubbins (Jr.)Normal Community
The Towel Lady
4Marc Remmert (Jr.)Metamora
King Henry V

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Stephen Spence (Jr.)Normal Community
2Brian Rohman (Jr.)Metamora
3Emily Rhoades (So.)Eureka
3Matt Dobill (So.)Normal Community West

Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Brant Watson (So.) and Samantha Miller (Jr.)East Peoria
Bullshot Crummond
2Dennis Silva (Jr.) and Zach Schrad (Jr.)Normal Community
History of Television, Condensed
3Brett Roth (So.) and Bryant Kempf (Sr.)Eureka
Send in the Clones
4Fletcher Bohne (Sr.) and Kayla Pulliam (Sr.)Normal Community West
Let's Go Already

Humorous Interpretation

1Amber Schlink (Sr.)Normal Community West
Egg Story
2Cassandra Irwin (Sr.)Morton H.S.
First Date
3Evan Penn (So.)Washington
Weirdos From Another Planet!: A Calvin and Hobbes Collection
4Matthew Feeney (Fr.)Bloomington Central Catholic
DMV Tryant

Impromptu Speaking

1Emily Dougan (So.)Normal Community West
2Shelby Mason (Jr.)Morton H.S.
3Mason Masters (Jr.)Washington
4Kat Carlson (So.)Normal Community

Oratorical Declamation

1John Pollard (So.)Notre Dame (Peoria)
The Perils of Indifference
2Holly Haines (Jr.)Dunlap
Breakout Outbreak
3Karen Sprague (Jr.)Eureka
Husbands: An Owner's Manual
4Nathan Stark (Sr.)Normal Community West
Commenecement Address to Univeristy of Wisconsin

Original Comedy

1Dana France (Jr.)Peoria H.S.
Follow the Yellow Brick Books
2Amber Schlink (Sr.)Normal Community West
Sad Tale of the Lonely Longneck Lady
3Derek Heckman (So.)Notre Dame (Peoria)
Me? I Eat Princesses
4Alexis Moore (Jr.)Morton H.S.
And the Winner Is

Original Oratory

1Kayla Pulliam (Sr.)Normal Community West
Liar Liar: Our Dirty Little Secret
2Stephen Spence (Jr.)Normal Community
We the People
3Caitlin Krofchik (Fr.)Peoria H.S.
Dogfighting: A Problem in America
4Alison Bauter (Sr.)Washington
I Feel Fat: Resisting a Culture of Image Stereotypes
4Brett Roth (So.)Eureka
Emergency for the Emergency Room

Performance in the Round

1Normal (Community West)Normal Community West
Much Ado About Will
This Phone Will Explode at the Tone
Small World
4Chillicothe (Illinois Valley Central)Illinois Valley Central

Prose Reading

1Tiera Claudin (Jr.)Peoria H.S.
Having Our Say
2Betsy Zimmerman (Sr.)Eureka
Mother Said/She Meant
3Kyle Ratcliffe (Sr.)Normal Community West
4Holly Haines (Jr.)Dunlap
Rules For David

Radio Speaking

1Brian Rohman (Jr.)Metamora
2Betsy Zimmerman (Sr.)Eureka
3Daniel Gilpin (Sr.)Bloomington Central Catholic
4Kevin Helenthal (Jr.)Normal Community West

Special Occasion Speaking

1Rachel Fogle (Sr.)Eureka
The Grasshopper Effect
2Kyle Ratcliffe (Sr.)Normal Community West
Helping Mr. Stinky
3Chris Varney (Fr.)Normal Community
Boys Don't Cry -- Or do they?
4Liz Tanner (Sr.)Washington
University of Question Mark?

Verse Reading

1Mikaela Sullivan (Sr.)Normal Community West
2Dominique Adams (Sr.)Peoria H.S.
Life According to Motown
3Lyssa Barth (So.)Peoria Christian
Proud To Be
4Alicia Gardner (Jr.)Eureka
Love Letter in Detox
4Colleen Thomas (Fr.)Normal Community
Missing Natalie

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