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IHSA State Series 2008
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IHSA Regional - Libertyville full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Laura Scherkenbach (Sr.) and Liz Dana (Sr.)Warren Township
2Darius Taylor (Sr.) and Sarah Nyquist (Sr.)Zion-Benton
Open Admissions
3Margaret Sabitino (Sr.) and Zack Simonini (Sr.)Antioch
Domestic Violence
4Brooks Moyer (Fr.) and Rachel Woodall (Sr.)Crystal Lake Central

Dramatic Interpretation

1Jonathan Sokolow (Jr.)Warren Township
Stuck in Neutral
2John Lichtwalt (Sr.)Antioch
3Maelene Torres (Sr.)Prairie Ridge
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
4Nicole Hayashi (Fr.)Crystal Lake South
My Mother's Touch

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Lauren Nowak (Jr.)Warren Township
2Omar Jamil (Jr.)Libertyville
3Alexandra Collins (Fr.)Crystal Lake South
4Tessa Johnson (Sr.)Prairie Ridge

Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Jonathan Sokolow (Jr.) and Trey Caldwell (Jr.)Warren Township
The Complete History of America (abridged)
2Charlie Dobson (Sr.) and Nick Gertonson (Sr.)Crystal Lake Central
Death Knocks
3Joseph Devlin (Sr.) and Kelly Madorsky (So.)Zion-Benton
Get off the sidewalks, I'm driving
4Morris Long (Sr.) and Rachel Kryzak (Sr.)Prairie Ridge

Humorous Interpretation

1Jamie Griiffiths (Sr.)Warren Township
A . . . My Name Is Alice
2Tara Jayakar (Sr.)Barrington
The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe
3Eric Pfaff (Jr.)Crystal Lake Central
Circumference of a Squirrel
4D.J. Erickson (Sr.)Prairie Ridge
Happily Never After

Impromptu Speaking

1Sara Thomas (Jr.)Warren Township
2Omar Jamil (Jr.)Libertyville
3Alexandra Collins (Fr.)Crystal Lake South
4Amaya Okazaki (Sr.)Barrington
4Niger Washington (Sr.)Zion-Benton
4Sydney Birnbaum (Fr.)Prairie Ridge

Oratorical Declamation

1Ted Tae (Fr.)Barrington
10 Ways to Avoid Mucking Up the World Any Worse Than It Already Is
2Jamie Gray (Sr.)Warren Township
Shoot Me First
2Mel Walter (So.)Prairie Ridge
I am a Soldier, too: The Jessica Lynch Story
2Semeka Cunningham (Sr.)North Chicago
A Case of Severe Bias

Original Comedy

1John Oleksinski (Sr.)Libertyville
Comic Sans Purpose
2Chris McCarthy (Sr.)Warren Township
Our Story
3Morris Long (Sr.)Prairie Ridge
The Road to Joy
4Joe Devlin (Sr.)Zion-Benton
The Nasty Letter

Original Oratory

1Liz Dana (Sr.)Warren Township
Attitude of Ignorance
2Katie Luecht (So.)Prairie Ridge
Ignorance in America
3Edward Alvarez (Sr.)North Chicago
Food Waste in America
4Janel Beem (Sr.)Zion-Benton
Falling through the Cracks of America
4Kevin Shryock (Jr.)Grayslake North
Students and Sleep

Performance in the Round

1Gurnee (Warren)Warren Township
Wanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories
2Cary (C.-Grove)Cary-Grove
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Prose Reading

1Laura Gutantes (Sr.)Warren Township
Marley and Me
2Tara Jayakar (Sr.)Barrington
Amanda and the Wounded Birds" from Visions
3Katie Luecht (So.)Prairie Ridge
Red Seven
4Annie Jaeger (Sr.)Libertyville
Bridges of Madison County

Radio Speaking

1Mark Wudtke (Sr.)Warren Township
2Nick Gertonson (Sr.)Crystal Lake Central
3Niger Washington (Sr.)Zion-Benton
4Rachel Kryzak (Sr.)Prairie Ridge

Special Occasion Speaking

1Kelsey Burritt (Jr.)Warren Township
How To Dodge Stampeding Red Bull
2Roberto Garcia (Sr.)North Chicago
March of the Dead
3Dimitri Pylarinos (So.)Antioch
It's All Greek to Me
4Allison Liu (Jr.)Barrington
Take a Chance

Verse Reading

1Sarah Nyquist (Sr.)Zion-Benton
What Teachers Make, Totally Like Whatever, Miracle Workers
2Melanie Bacaling (Jr.)Warren Township
Dream Teaching
3Semeka Cunningham (Sr.)North Chicago
Skinhead and Undertaker
4Audrey Schlofner (Sr.)Prairie Ridge

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