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IHSA State Series 2008
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IHSA Regional - Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Kyle Deininger (Jr.) and Matt Rishel (So.)Plainfield North
Yellow Marrow
2Kristin Perkins (Sr.) and Luke Stewart (Sr.)Glenbard West
A Very Clean Place
3Allison Kasbee (Sr.) and Matthew Socha (Sr.)Neuqua Valley
The Moon, Please
4Crystal Nambo (Jr.) and Ernest Bell (Jr.)Bolingbrook
The Journal

Dramatic Interpretation

1Phoebe Duvall (Sr.)Glenbard West
The Waltz
2Kelli Ochenkowski (Sr.)Plainfield North
My Left Breast
3David Walton (Jr.)Waubonsie Valley
Wild Abandon
4John Graff (Jr.)Joliet
The Diviners
4Stephanie Caballero (Sr.)Neuqua Valley
The Fish in the Dumpster

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Emily Van Etten (So.)Naperville Central
2Amarto Bhattacharyya (Sr.)Glenbard South
3Kevin McFadden (Sr.)Glenbard West
4Carla Mann (Jr.)Waubonsie Valley

Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Kelly Silay (Sr.) and Morgan Manock (Sr.)Neuqua Valley
Parallel Lives
2Hank Clauss (Sr.) and Kristin Perkins (Sr.)Glenbard West
Morning Coffee
3Adrian Smith (Jr.) and Kristen Surla (Jr.)Bolingbrook
World Wide Fans
4Brandon Pecylak (Sr.) and Cody Pecylak (Fr.)Waubonsie Valley
6 Reasons Not To Be In a Play

Humorous Interpretation

1Mark Campbell (Sr.)Glenbard West
Controlling Interest
2Kelly Silay (Sr.)Neuqua Valley
The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish
3Nitin Goyal (Jr.)Naperville Central
4Ally Schweisthal (Jr.)Waubonsie Valley
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Impromptu Speaking

1Peter Lundquist (Sr.)Neuqua Valley
2Kevin McFadden (Sr.)Glenbard West
3Amarto Bhattacharyya (Sr.)Glenbard South
4Neel Kunjar (Jr.)Naperville Central

Oratorical Declamation

1Luke Stewart (Sr.)Glenbard West
Yale Commencement Address
2Sahil Pandya (Sr.)Waubonsie Valley
Going for the Gold
3Kristin Hwu (Sr.)Naperville North
The Stage of Grief No One Admits To: Relief
4Alex Moorman (Sr.)Neuqua Valley
Learn to Listen to Your Heart

Original Comedy

1Ally Schweisthal (Jr.)Waubonsie Valley
The Pumpernickel Experience
2Mark Campbell (Sr.)Glenbard West
I'm Bringing Barker Back
3Sam Ide (So.)Neuqua Valley
For the Love of the Game
4Rachael Joyce (Jr.)Lockport
Prose Before Hos

Original Oratory

1Phoebe Duvall (Sr.)Glenbard West
Regrets Only
2Maddie Conway (Sr.)Neuqua Valley
To Care or Not To Care
3Stephanie Russell (Jr.)Naperville Central
Zero to Rage
4Leigh Anna Hudson (So.)Glenbard South
American Idol
4Sarah Strom (Jr.)Plainfield North
The Emotional Garbage Man

Performance in the Round

1Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)Glenbard West
2Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Waubonsie Valley
Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?
3Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Neuqua Valley
Nursery Crimes: Four and Twenty
4Naperville (Central)Naperville Central
It All Comes Down to Seuss

Prose Reading

1Heather Zhuang (Sr.)Waubonsie Valley
2Christy Gaylord (Sr.)Glenbard West
Like the Red Panda
3Sarah Gao (Jr.)Naperville Central
The Graduation of Jake Moon
4Erin Devine (Sr.)Neuqua Valley
My Boyfriend's Back and There's Gonna Be Laundry

Radio Speaking

1Iman Rahim (Jr.)Neuqua Valley
2Bridget Franke (So.)Glenbard West
3Kelsey O'Kelley (Jr.)Glenbard East
4David Inczauskis (So.)Lockport

Special Occasion Speaking

1Priya Nakra (Sr.)Neuqua Valley
We Should Commit . . . eh, never mind. . .
2Christy Gaylord (Sr.)Glenbard West
Don't Shun Your Emoshuns
3Brandon Gaca (Sr.)Waubonsie Valley
Grammar Crammar
4Shama Patel (Sr.)Naperville North
Breathe In... Breathe ARGH!
4Theresa Stanford (Sr.)Lockport
An Abstract Crisis

Verse Reading

1Alex Moorman (Sr.)Neuqua Valley
A Program on Self-Worth
2Alex McElvain (Sr.)Glenbard West
And Now a Word From Our Sponsor
3Adrian Smith (Jr.)Bolingbrook
Politics and Poetry
4Krystal Fowlkes (Sr.)Glenbard South
Out of Hope, Out of Time

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