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IHSA State Series 2008
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IHSA Regional - Geneseo full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Kady Patterson (Sr.) and Kate Langdon (Jr.)Geneseo
2Melissa O'Neal (Sr.) and Shai Gonzales (Jr.)Monmouth-Roseville
Rabbit Hole
3Damon Taylor (Sr.) and Evan Davis (So.)Spoon River Valley
The Diviners
4Caiti Tucker (Sr.) and Elizabeth Johnson (So.)United (Alexis)
I Never Saw Another Butterfly

Dramatic Interpretation

1Shannon Fox (Jr.)Geneseo
Left To Tell
2Ali Ledbetter (Sr.)Galesburg
The Exonerated
3Adam Kenney (Jr.)Stark County
Women and Wallace
4Abby Nielsen (So.)Bureau Valley
The Monolog
4Dezirae Howard (So.)Monmouth-Roseville
The Girl with the Blackened Eye

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Junior Ocasio (Jr.)Kewanee
2Hassan Masood (Jr.)Monmouth-Roseville
3Andrew Kellogg (So.)Geneseo
4Jeremy Shaner (Sr.)Stark County

Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Emily Dillard (Jr.) and Kaitlyn Thompson (So.)Galesburg
Ten Easy Steps to Humiliation
2Betty Maes (Sr.) and Junior Ocasio (Jr.)Kewanee
Titanic Abridged
3Brittney Harmon (Sr.) and Samantha Albrecht (Sr.)AlWood
4Dezirae Howard (So.) and Ellen Blindt (So.)Monmouth-Roseville

Humorous Interpretation

1Samantha Cravens (Jr.)Geneseo
Fairy Tales and Lies
2Melissa O'Neal (Sr.)Monmouth-Roseville
Cheerleader Meets the Goth
3Erin Darling (Jr.)Galesburg
Junie B. Jones
4Joe Stephens (Jr.)Spoon River Valley
Bobby Wilson Can Eat His Own Face

Impromptu Speaking

1Kelly Holt (Sr.)AlWood
2Lizzie Scoville (Jr.)Stark County
3Ryan Branom (So.)Kewanee
4Jacob Maas (Sr.)Spoon River Valley

Oratorical Declamation

1Derek Rapp (Sr.)Stark County
Escape Adulthood
2Matt Gaumer (Sr.)Galesburg
A Short History of Nearly Everything
3Kelly Holt (Sr.)AlWood
7 Things I Learned in the Belly of a Whale
4Trent Tabor (Fr.)Geneseo
My Life as a Wife

Original Comedy

1Kady Patterson (Sr.)Geneseo
The Family Reunion
2Emily Dillard (Jr.)Galesburg
Spanky's Happy Hour
3Jake Armstrong (So.)United (Alexis)
Conquered by Sports
4Ben Eaton (Sr.)West Central H.S.
Search for a Coffee Grinder

Original Oratory

1Samantha Albrecht (Sr.)AlWood
Lend a Helping Hand
2Jenny Leezer (Sr.)Stark County
Youth Culture
3Jacob Maas (Sr.)Spoon River Valley
The Truth Is Out There
4Michelle Michaelson (Sr.)Geneseo
Stand Up and Speak Out for Those Who Can't

Prose Reading

1Kate Langdon (Jr.)Geneseo
The Witches
2Brooks Bullock (So.)Kewanee
A Brief Moment in the Life of Angus Bethune
3Ali Ledbetter (Sr.)Galesburg
4Justine Ryan (Sr.)Stark County
I Kiss Like a Horse

Radio Speaking

1Brittney Harmon (Sr.)AlWood
2Andrew Sichling (Sr.)United (Alexis)
3Danielle Mueller (So.)Rockridge
4Matt Hamilton (Jr.)Geneseo

Special Occasion Speaking

1Jessica Rumbold (Sr.)Stark County
Can You Hear Me Now
2Megan Melcher (So.)Geneseo
Thinking Outside the Box
3Betty Maes (Sr.)Kewanee
A Worthwile Fear
4Jeri Murphy (Jr.)Galesburg
The Next Generation

Verse Reading

1Samantha Cravens (Jr.)Geneseo
Listening to the Littlest
2Daniel Lefler (Jr.)Spoon River Valley
Selected Poems from Rainbows, Head Lice and Pea-Green Tile
3Sara McDorman (So.)Galesburg
The Highwayman
4Hannah Nimrick (Fr.)AlWood

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