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IHSA State Series 2008
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IHSA Regional - Elk Grove Village (E.G.) full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Laura Manning (Sr.) and Pat Lawrie (Jr.)Glenbrook South
Holding Hope
2Cassie Whitmore (Jr.) and Kenton Wyckoff (Jr.)Elk Grove
The Mercy Seat
2Dorothy Williams (Sr.) and Tim Oravec (Sr.)Leyden
Rabbit Hole
2Junisha Diming (So.) and Kiara Landin (So.)Fenton
Final Placement

Dramatic Interpretation

1Adin Lenahan (Sr.)Rolling Meadows
Confessions of a Nightingale
2Laura Manning (Sr.)Glenbrook South
A Hand to Hold
3Julia Poukatch (So.)Buffalo Grove
Surfer Chick
4Polina Zasheva (Jr.)Leyden
In My Hands
4Rachel Casali (Jr.)Elk Grove
Bunny, Bunny

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Kevin Gatter (Sr.)Conant
2Shruthi Venkatesh (Jr.)Palatine H.S.
3Sean Morrison (Sr.)Leyden
4Erika Hansen (Sr.)Prospect
4Kyle Zak (Jr.)Glenbrook North

Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Pat Lawrie (Jr.) and Sydney Ferleger (Jr.)Glenbrook South
The Naked Truth
2Alicia Fraticola (Jr.) and Mark Kosten (Jr.)Leyden
3Kevin Quatman (Jr.) and Rachel Casali (Jr.)Elk Grove
Raised In Captivity
4Deb Neidich (Sr.) and Kate Faehling (Sr.)Buffalo Grove
Deer Play

Humorous Interpretation

1Ellie Schott (Jr.)Glenbrook South
Camp Sunshine
2Paul Zaremba (Sr.)Prospect
Courting 101
3Connie Oshana (Sr.)Elk Grove
Wonder Of The World
4Charles Eric Thoreson (Sr.)Leyden
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Impromptu Speaking

1Anna Binstein (Jr.)Glenbrook South
2Chelsea Hancock (Sr.)Elk Grove
3Stephon Eiland (Sr.)Palatine H.S.
4Tom Slusher (Sr.)Prospect

Oratorical Declamation

1Stephon Eiland (Sr.)Palatine H.S.
Letters to a Young Brother: MANifest Your Destiny
2Nate Beasley (Sr.)Glenbrook South
3Samantha Garretto (Sr.)Prospect
Mirror Mirror
4Brittany Chen (Sr.)Conant
Scenes From The Betrayal Of The American Man
4Dorothy Williams (Sr.)Leyden
Graduation Speech from "Special Topics in Calamity Physics

Original Comedy

1Paul Zaremba (Sr.)Prospect
Dracula Walks Into A Bar
2Connie Oshana (Sr.)Elk Grove
The Come Unity Spellnig Bee
3Charles Eric Thoreson (Sr.)Leyden
George Bush: The Man, The Myth, The Roller Coaster Warrior
4Katerina Rallis (Jr.)Buffalo Grove
Lost In The Greek Woods

Original Oratory

1Lea Hirsch (Sr.)Glenbrook South
I've Had Enough With S.O.B.'s
2Abby Horan (Fr.)Rolling Meadows
Crazed for Convenience
3Samantha Labak (Sr.)Elk Grove
The Magic In It
4Samantha Hopkins (Jr.)Glenbrook North
The Grasshopper and the Ant Revisted

Performance in the Round

1Elk Grove Village (E.G.)Elk Grove
Satan's Slumber Party
2Palatine (H.S.)Palatine H.S.
The Katrina Project
3Buffalo GroveBuffalo Grove
A Humorous Carol
4Mt. Prospect (Prospect)Prospect
Bad Driver's Handbook

Prose Reading

1Nate Beasley (Sr.)Glenbrook South
I Might Be Edgar Allen Poe
2Stephanie Reninger (Sr.)Lake Park
Standing on a Rooftop Naked
3Tanya Shestopalova (Sr.)Buffalo Grove
The Champ
4Meg Ryan (So.)Elk Grove
What Happened After the Chicken Crossed the Road
4Robin Quinn (Jr.)Rolling Meadows
People Like That Are the Only People Here

Radio Speaking

1Tim Oravec (Sr.)Leyden
2Kate Faehling (Sr.)Buffalo Grove
3Ryan Keene (So.)Lake Park
4Tina Hahn (Sr.)Rolling Meadows

Special Occasion Speaking

1Kevin Daliva (So.)Glenbrook South
LOL: Elbows, Ninjas, and Howler Monkey Twister
2Ahsin Azim (Jr.)Fenton
A Push for Time Management
3Chelsea Hancock (Sr.)Elk Grove
Get Out of My Shadow
4Eileen Matthews (Sr.)Prospect
Congratulations! You've Just Been Accepted To Cardboard Box University

Verse Reading

1Laura Yon (Sr.)Elk Grove
2Rosalinda Mesa (Sr.)Fenton
Supa Soul Sistas
3Sydney Ferleger (Jr.)Glenbrook South
4Polina Zasheva (Jr.)Leyden

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