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IHSA State Series 2008
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IHSA Regional - Downers Grove (North) full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Brittany Childs (Sr.) and Elliot Karl (Sr.)Downers Grove North
Test Tube Lives
2Jenni McCarthy (Jr.) and Justin Matkovich (Sr.)Downers Grove South
The Treatment
3Michelle Meyer (Sr.) and Parker Johnson (Sr.)Hinsdale Central
Wrong for Each Other
4Amy Davelis (Sr.) and Erica Nelson (Sr.)York

Dramatic Interpretation

1Kyle Akerman (Sr.)Downers Grove South
The Glory Box
2Mike Duffy (Jr.)Downers Grove North
3Regina Dentzman (Sr.)Lemont
The Women of Lockerbie
4Lauren Tackbary (Sr.)York
Prozac Nation

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Nandini Ramakrishnan (Jr.)Hinsdale Central
2Rob Biemesderfer (Sr.)Downers Grove South
3Jordan Frank (Jr.)Downers Grove North
4Abby Eskenazi (Sr.)York

Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Ryan Cashman (Sr.) and Stephanie Gilbert (Sr.)Downers Grove South
Find Me a Primitive Man
2Henrietta Farley (Sr.) and Peter Smith (Sr.)Hinsdale Central
The Right Time
3Don Higgins (Sr.) and Lindsey Compton (Sr.)Hinsdale South
Finger Food
4Alex Karge (Jr.) and Brian Glowienke (Jr.)Downers Grove North
Literary Canon Fodder

Humorous Interpretation

1Justin Matkovich (Sr.)Downers Grove South
i, freddy
2Travis Trew (Jr.)Downers Grove North
Miss Polly's Institute for Criminally Damaged Young Ladies ....
3Veronica Parker (Sr.)York
The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon
4Lindsey Compton (Sr.)Hinsdale South
This is a Test

Impromptu Speaking

1Jordan Frank (Jr.)Downers Grove North
2Laurel Stankus (Sr.)Hinsdale Central
3Chelsey Rice-Davis (Jr.)Downers Grove South
4Collin Labak (Fr.)Hinsdale South

Oratorical Declamation

1Lisa Joseph (Sr.)Hinsdale South
Lessons Learned from Survivors
2Danielle Davis (Sr.)Hinsdale Central
It's Better Than Good
3Stephanie Gilbert (Sr.)Downers Grove South
Lesson for a Complicated Time
4Monika Rastogi (Sr.)Downers Grove North
Redefining Tradition

Original Comedy

1Ryan Cashman (Sr.)Downers Grove South
There's No Place Like Homie
2Jenna Kauppi (Sr.)Hinsdale Central
The Great Debate of '08
3Evan Karl (So.)Downers Grove North
Aw Shucks
4Hannah Shepard (Sr.)York

Original Oratory

1Sarah Berry (Sr.)Downers Grove North
More Like a Garage Band
2Jen Houpy (Sr.)Hinsdale Central
Walking Off Our Shortcut Addiction
3Keith Potts (Sr.)York
Patience: Give it to me now.
4Chelsey Rice-Davis (Jr.)Downers Grove South
Call Off the Search!

Performance in the Round

1Downers Grove (North)Downers Grove North
Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging
2Downers Grove (South)Downers Grove South
The Suessification of Romeo and Juliet
3Elmhurst (York)York
The Mystery at Twicknam Vicarage

Prose Reading

1Elliot Karl (Sr.)Downers Grove North
Loving Bobby
2Jenni McCarthy (Jr.)Downers Grove South
Life in the Hot Seat
3Keith Potts (Sr.)York
Absolutely, Positively Not
4Danielle Davis (Sr.)Hinsdale Central
After the Wink

Radio Speaking

1Natalie Chan (Sr.)Hinsdale Central
2Meredith Maresh (Jr.)Downers Grove North
3Chloe Stady (So.)Willowbrook
4Jake Novak (Fr.)Hinsdale South
4Kelly Seranko (So.)Downers Grove South

Special Occasion Speaking

1Tess Mody (Jr.)Downers Grove South
Please, Put Your Pencils Down
2Audrey Wayne (Sr.)Downers Grove North
Resolved: I Look Hot in a Suit
3Natalie Chan (Sr.)Hinsdale Central
The Sound of Silence
4Adrienne Boni (Jr.)Willowbrook
ACT's, SAT's, & Absolute Chaos: Getting Into College

Verse Reading

1Kyle Akerman (Sr.)Downers Grove South
Y Love
2Peter Smith (Sr.)Hinsdale Central
Three Hole Punches
3Monika Rastogi (Sr.)Downers Grove North
The Thrill of 1980
4Amy Davelis (Sr.)York
I Don't Want to be Crazy
4Julia Petrich (So.)Hinsdale South
Out of the Dust

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