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IHSA State Series 2008
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IHSA Regional - Des Plaines (Maine West) full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Elyssa Salinas (Sr.) and Jon Chandler (Sr.)Maine West
Fat Pig
2Diana Kontsevaia (Jr.) and Jennifer Vihon (Jr.)New Trier
Third and Oak: The Laundromat
3Christine Theobold (Sr.) and Frank Phetmevangmay (Sr.)Streamwood
Picture This
3Emily Smith (Sr.) and Steve Selwa (Jr.)Oak Park-River Forest
Twilight of the Golds
3Orhai Nooru (Sr.) and Vicky Hurst (Sr.)Maine East
Five Women Wearing The Same Dress

Dramatic Interpretation

1Wendi Gu (Jr.)New Trier
Finding My Voice
2Megan Cheney (Jr.)Oak Park-River Forest
Hey Nostradamus!
3Ben Enggas (So.)Maine West
Deaf Day
4Erik Balaga (Jr.)Maine East
The Laramie Project

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Lakshmi Sundaresan (Sr.)Oak Park-River Forest
2David Walchak (Fr.)New Trier
3Shabana Yusufishaq (Sr.)Maine West
4Christina Baworowsky (So.)Loyola Academy

Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Frank Austin (Jr.) and Sarah Mallory (Jr.)New Trier
Barbie and Ken
2Ha Khong (So.) and Matthew Bausone (Sr.)Maine West
The Little Dog Laughed
3Ian P. Flanagan (Jr.) and Megan Cheney (Jr.)Oak Park-River Forest
The Right Time
4John Bellaire and Rebecca Orr (Sr.)Fenwick
Nightmare With A Sexy Skirt

Humorous Interpretation

1Garry Mitchell (Jr.)Fenwick
Christmas Breaks
2Steve Selwa (Jr.)Oak Park-River Forest
History of Mankind
3Bridget Miller (So.)Loyola Academy
Duet for Bear and Dog
4Sarah Mallory (Jr.)New Trier
Angry Little Girls

Impromptu Speaking

1Grace Yarnoff (Sr.)Evanston
2Daryl McSweeney (Jr.)New Trier
3Lauren Sheehy (Sr.)Maine South
4Shabana Yusufishaq (Sr.)Maine West

Oratorical Declamation

1Wendi Gu (Jr.)New Trier
The Morality of War
2Hilary Osiecki (Sr.)Maine West
Kiss My Tiara
3Lisa Francis (Fr.)Maine South
A Left Handed Compliment
4Anna Hullinger (Fr.)Oak Park-River Forest
Bring On the Cheesecake!

Original Comedy

1Matthew Bausone (Sr.)Maine West
Welcome To Shady Pines Multipurpose Facility
2Michael Gaschler (Sr.)New Trier
Faster than a Skateboard! More Powerful than a Lawnmower!
3Paul Deziel (So.)Oak Park-River Forest
One Level Over Hell
4Michael Hansen (Sr.)Maine South
Where No Nerd Has Gone Before...

Original Oratory

1Jacqueline Sutherland (So.)New Trier
The Long Goodbye
2Grace Yarnoff (Sr.)Evanston
Would You LIke Ritalin With That?
3Zul Kapadia (Jr.)Loyola Academy
Justice for Us, Justice for All!
4Luis Garay (Sr.)Maine West
Courage, It's In You!

Performance in the Round

1Des Plaines (Maine West)Maine West
No One Gets Left Behind

Prose Reading

1Frank Austin (Jr.)New Trier
A Story About A Bomb
2Alex Martinez (Sr.)Maine West
If You Kiss A Boy
3Anna Goldbeck (Jr.)Evanston
Scut Farkus and the Murderous Mariah
4Katie Mullen (So.)Fenwick
The Clan of One-Breasted Women

Radio Speaking

1Jessica Smith (Sr.)Oak Park-River Forest
2Michael Gaschler (Sr.)New Trier
3Anna Goldbeck (Jr.)Evanston
4Traci Montgomery (Sr.)Streamwood

Special Occasion Speaking

1Lauren Sheehy (Sr.)Maine South
Math Illiteracy
2Shaif Yusufishaq (So.)Maine West
Scooby's Got Character
3William McGauran (Sr.)New Trier
On the Other Side
4Mark Drago (Sr.)Fenwick
We're All In This Together

Verse Reading

1Hana Bajramovic (Jr.)New Trier
From the Real to the Ethereal: A Compilation
2Jessica Smith (Sr.)Oak Park-River Forest
3Hannah Johnson (Sr.)Maine South
The Search for Baby Combover
4Jon Chandler (Sr.)Maine West
4Sara Blumenthal (So.)Evanston
Happy Family

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