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IHSA State Series 2008
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IHSA Regional - DeKalb full results

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Dramatic Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Gabe Kalal (Jr.) and Kendalle Tanner (Sr.)DeKalb
Evening Education
2Jeff Coltman (Jr.) and Kelsey Wild (Sr.)Byron
Finding a Chord
3Amanda Thorsen (Sr.) and Brenna Keene (Jr.)Sandwich
My Life is Proof
4Dylan Hinrichs (Jr.) and Madison Henry (Jr.)Sterling H.S.
Heart of the Fire
4Heather Church (So.) and Kira Steltenpohl (So.)Harlem
Time to be Noticed

Dramatic Interpretation

1Lauren Partch (So.)DeKalb
Shape of A Girl
2Lauren Smith (Sr.)Byron
3Zach Saenz (So.)Rochelle
Tradition IA
4Abby Petrosky (Sr.)Sterling H.S.
Stop Pretending

Extemporaneous Speaking

1Sam Crittenden (Sr.)DeKalb
2Amanda Beveroth (Sr.)Sterling H.S.
3Adam Robertson (Fr.)Rochelle
4Michelle Skinner (Jr.)Sandwich

Humorous Duet Acting (IHSA)

1Lauren Smith (Sr.) and Trent Eisfeller (Jr.)Byron
Will You Please Shut Up?
2Bryan Simpson (Sr.) and Will Collins (So.)DeKalb
The Adventures of Captain Neato Man
3Chris Stanford (Jr.) and Ian Murphy (Jr.)Sandwich
The Harry and Sam Dialogues
4Jackie Robinson (Jr.) and Kate Pillen (Fr.)Rochelle
The Universal Wolf

Humorous Interpretation

1Chris Stanford (Jr.)Sandwich
The Last Touchy-Feely Drama on the American Stage
2Gabe Kalal (Jr.)DeKalb
Jack vs. Jill
3Hannah Busching (Jr.)Rochelle
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
4Alex Sherbeyn (Sr.)Sterling H.S.
The Cinderella Syndrome

Impromptu Speaking

1Sam Crittenden (Sr.)DeKalb
2Veronica Smith (Sr.)Sandwich
3Bryan Kosusnik (Jr.)Sycamore
4Hannah Burke (Jr.)Rochelle

Oratorical Declamation

1Jasmine McClain (Sr.)DeKalb
2Hannah Busching (Jr.)Rochelle
On Mousetraps
3Emily Ansusinha (Sr.)Sterling H.S.
Randy Pausch's Last Lecture:Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
4Ashley Miller (Jr.)Byron
Louder Than Words

Original Comedy

1Kendalle Tanner (Sr.)DeKalb
Everthing Is Not Black and White
2Ian Murphy (Jr.)Sandwich
Running With Scissors
3Trent Eisfeller (Jr.)Byron
Pick Up Lines and Plungers
4Karl Rand (So.)Rochelle
The Interntational Stand Up Comic Contest

Original Oratory

1Mwongeli Masesi (Jr.)DeKalb
The Miseducation of the American Negro
2Carol Anderson (Jr.)Rochelle
Just the Facts
3Lauren Styczynski (So.)Sterling H.S.
Social Effects of Physical Attractiveness:Judging a Book by It's Cover
4Grant Meyer (Sr.)Byron
A Beacon of Hope

Performance in the Round

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon

Prose Reading

1Kayla Kennedy (So.)DeKalb
Wit's End
2Madison Henry (Jr.)Sterling H.S.
Silver Water
3Zach Saenz (So.)Rochelle
I Like Guys
4Kelsey Wild (Sr.)Byron
Diary: A Novel

Radio Speaking

1Carol Anderson (Jr.)Rochelle
2Elliott Ihm (So.)DeKalb
3Samantha Cameron (Jr.)Sterling H.S.
4Nathan Waters (Jr.)Rock Falls

Special Occasion Speaking

1Kayla Kennedy (So.)DeKalb
Positively Pessimistic
2Sarah Hubbard (Sr.)Sterling H.S.
Slow Walking Your Way To Happiness
3Alex Prusator (Fr.)Rochelle
Our Lamentable Loss
4Aaron Snow (Jr.)Byron
The Greatest, Amazing, Most Stupendous Speech You Will Ever Hear, Ever

Verse Reading

1Lindsey Sturch (Sr.)Sterling H.S.
Half-Hanged Mary
2Lauren Partch (So.)DeKalb
3Haley Armstrong (Jr.)Byron
The Secret
4Brody Murray (Sr.)Rock Falls

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